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    will the motherboard D915GUXLK able to use a SATA Hard disk 3gb/s at 1.5gb/s


      The hard disk on my father's in law Intel BOXD915GUXLK LGA 775 Intel 915G Micro ATX Intel Motherboard died.   I wanted to know if I could replace the hard disk by a more recent SATA type (e.g. 3Gb/s).   I am not asking for the speed, just to be able to use the hard disk at a slower transfer speed.   I do know that it is supposed to be forward compatible based on the SATA specification but there are several chipsets that does not support it. Do I need a special model/type of hard disk....


      I would like an official response from Intel before I spent money on a new hard disk.  My father-in-law did buy a new computer but he would like to use the old again.


      Thank you,