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    RS2BL080 cannot modify drive or start drive reconstruction




      i got a INTEL RS2BL080 Raid Controller and want to expand the capacity of my RAID 5 Drive

      consisting of 4 already configured drives and 2 aditional unconfigured drives.


      According to the documentation i started the Raid WEB Console 2 Version 9.000. Select the Drive group and  ....nothing ...

      there is no menu to modify the drive group.


      As in the online help of the Raid WEB console there should be a "Reconstruction wizard" under Operations.

      But .... there is no menu "Operations" to start this wizard.


      What is going on in the Raid Web Console 2 ??? Why is there no menu to modify the drive group?


      Next missing point: There should be a "Adaptive Read Ahead mode" accoring to the documentation,

      but there is no adaptive read ahead mode available in the menus.


      Pls help.