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    RST marks RAID10 disc 'Verify' but machine crashes before action can be taken


      I have an i7 machine running Window 7 64 bit with a RAID 10 configuration of four (striped & mirrored) discs.


      The RST driver has marked the main RAID partition as 'Verify'.


      I have installed the latest RST Manager but it is lucky to get 1.74% into the verification process before the processor switches off.


      On restart, the machine beeps like an old-fashioned British police car (two tone siren!). Sometimes the machine switches off before it exits the RST driver (; sometimes I can bring the machine up into Windows 7 Safe Mode (though Windows does not permit the RST manager to be loaded in Safe Mode). Sometimes the machine switches off; sometimes I manage to close Windows in a controlled fashion.  It appears as if the machine crashes more quickly if I attempt to restart immediately after the last crash, rather than walk away and drink a coffee!.


      If I can shut down in a controlled fashion, it is possible to restart Windows normally. However, even if the RST Manager has time to start verification, the machine shuts down before it makes much progress.


      I'm trying to upgrade the RST DRIVER to using STOR_allOS_10.1.0.1008_PV.exe but I have not yet had the installation run to completion before the machine crashes again. Not sure what to do with STOR_F6_64_10.1.0.1008_PV.exe, as with an OS already installed pressin


      Using a recovery disc is no use, as it doesn't install RST Manager and if I install RST Manager it requires a restart, which as like as not will fail.


      Why is my PC hard-crashing (either pre- or post-Windows startup, so not an OS issue)?


      How do I get RAID recovery to run to completion?