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    GMA4500 MHD vs 16/9


      *I'm sorry for my english, but I'm Italian...*


      I need help, the new drivers I installed don''t allow me to set a 16/9 resolution. I have a HP 6730s laptop, with a gma4500 mhd, I'm using a 40'', 1920x 1080 samsung tv as a monitor.

      I'm forced to use a 4/3 resolution (1280x1024), but every proportion is wrong...

      If someone can help me finding the way to solve my problem, I would be very glad. (I tried to find older drivers for my graphic card, but unsuccessfully...)

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          How do you connect TV to the PC?

          LCD TV sets often have a limitation when connected by a D-Sub (VGA) analog cable; many TV sets do not support resolutions higher than 1280*1024 when connected by an analog cable.

          It is possible that the problem will go away once you will switch to connecting PC and TV by a HDMI digital cable.