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    DP55SB boards won't POST


      I recently purchased 2 Intel DP55SB desktop boards and have not been able to get either one to work.  Intel support has been lacking to say the least and unfortunately, the company I bought from (Newegg) won't refund any money.  Other users have used these boards with no problems, but Intel support told me it was because the BIOS was not compatible with the i3-550 procs that I was planning to use on them without a BIOS update.  I can't even get to the BIOS to see what is going on with these boards.  I have tried different memory, different video cards and still no luck.  Intel tells me that the BIOS has to be updated to work with the i3-550 procs and wanted to know if I could "borrow" one from a friend.  They wound up sending me an i5-670 proc to do the update, but still no luck.  I have never had such poor customer support from any company when it comes to correcting the problems they created.  Why send a board out with a BIOS that does not support the full line of processors that will fit the board?  I keep getting a POST code of 27 on the boards and they stop.  ANY help would be appreciated.  I have talked to support till I can't take anymore.  Anyone have any other suggestions besides eat the loss?

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          I have the sme problem with the same board. I get a code of 27, then 60, then 36, and shuts down and restarts and repeats until I mannually turn off the power supply.  I have been building computers for a while and this is the first time I ran into this problem.  I checked and the CPU is a compatible i3-550 and the memory is two DDR3 2GB also comptble with this Motherboard. Please help me.

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            I have the exact same issue with this board.  This is pure crap from a company that I have been doing business with for over 20 years.

            Intel will no longer get my business until they get their act straight.