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    The i7 720QM and Rift


      For those unaware RIFT is a new MMO.  I am trying to play it on my Alienware M17 and I am getting horrible FPS.  I have an i7 720 QM and I'm running it at 1440x900.  I have two 1 gig ATI Mobility Radeon 4870s for my GPUs.  When I play Rift I cannot get my FPS above 35 on the lowest possible graphics settings and changing the resolution does not affect my FPS.  I have been told that it stands to reason that my CPU is bottlenecking and causing this issue.  Whether or not this the case I have no idea as I am no expert on the matter.  All I know is that I expected better considering that the recommended CPU is a Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or better.  I have tried every fix and tweak I can think for my GPU and some other CPU tweaks that have been recommended to fix the issue to no avail.  So now I am here hoping someone more knowledgeable than myself might be able to point me in the right direction.  Specifically, do you believe my CPU is the root cause of the issues I'm experiencing, and if so can I improve the situation?  If more information is required I will happily post it.  I appreciate any and all constructive feedback.  Thanks in advance.