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    S5000VSA bios beep code (3x long and no bios) - Sata



      i got some problems with our Intel Server S5000VSA (original Intel chassis):


      It gives 3 long beeps and the display will be black. After disconnecting from power the system usually starts up.


      The bios won`t reckognize the last 2 sata-HDs (#5+6).

      Thanks for helping.




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          1. 3 long beeps usually indicates memory failure. Check memory compatibility here.

          2. Check the following BIOS setting: Advanced => ATA Controller Configuration => SATA Mode. If it's set to Legacy, you can use only 4 SATA ports.


          In Legacy Mode, BIOS can enumerate only four drives. It provides four options to choose a mix of SATA and PATA drives (see Legacy IDE Channel option below). In Enhanced Mode, the BIOS is not limited to legacy PATA four drive limitations, and can enumerate the two PATA drives
          and four SATA drives (totaling six drives) regardless of AHCI mode, and can list/boot to the remaining two SATA drives as well with AHCI Support. AHCI and RAID Modes are supported only when SATA Mode is selected as “Enhanced”.