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    Trouble with Intel Desktop Board DH55HC


        Hi to all,


      I have trouble with my DH55HC Motherboard and a I3 prossessor, after starting up my monitor goes black ,the pc runs but no picture. It seems that I have some display problems.No matter if I use a Pci Graphic card or the onboard vga it always goes black. I just sent this board to the vendor for claim but after they sent it back to me the problem is still there. I tried everything possible changing the power unit, Monitor, Vga cables, memory, name it I did it all. I reinstalled the OS Windows 7 Ultimate I even tried XP but my screen went black. Can Anyone help me?

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          Hello Suthisa,


          As per my understanding you are getting display while installing OS and booting, however, display disappears only while getting in to Desktop.

          I suspect the resolution is the reason behind the issue. Your monitor is not supporting the resolution supported by your latest board and graphics card.


          I suggest to try and perform the below mentioned steps:


          1. Boot the system in safe mode and check whether you are able to work or not ?


             ( How to log in safe mode-  Press F8 while booting , select safe mode ... )


          2. Check with different monitor, preferably any latest monitor which can support higher resolution.






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            Dear Bobby,


            Thank you very much for your advice. It really was the settings of the monitor. Now everything is running perfect. Thank you very much for your help!