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    My T7200C2D shows "0" cache on the processor. Why?


      I had to replace the motherboard in a Dell D620 that had quit working. After swaping the processor over to the new motherboard, it would run sufficiently to allow you into the BIOS, and would also boot up, and prepare to install Windows XP. However, after initializing the loading of XP, the system would hang at the "Windows Is Now Starting" page. It will not progress to next step which is the actual XP installation. While trouble shooting this issue, I noticed in the BIOS that it sees the processor as a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo, it also shows it running at 1.0Ghz (Speed Step). So that part of the processor appears normal. What has me baffled is that it should indicate 4MB of cache in the "Processor Info" screen of the BIOS, but instead it shows "0" cache. I mean, Zero, Zip, NaDa, nothing. No indication of any processor cache at all. Coud the processor be bad? It runs the BIOS fine, as well as loads Windows XP installation files, but doesn't complete the install. Could the motherboard be bad, or no support the T7200, and would that give me the "0" processor cache reading? I have also swapped out the t7200 with a 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo and it reads the cache (2MB) just fine in the BIOS. I'm assuming the motherboard is probably faulty, but it does show cache for the 1.6Ghz C2D processor processor and yet it shows no cache at all for the T7200. Has anyone had a similar issue regarding a processor showing "0" cache. Is it possible the board doesn't support the processor? Any help would be greatly appreciated.