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    Rollout of 200 PCs with Q57 or Q67 - some questions




      • we will probably buy 200 PCs  (BTO PCs)  with original   DQ57TM or DQ67SM Boards and Intel X-25M  MLC  SSD Drive
      • We noticed - that KVM Remote and onboard Graphics didn´t work with Intel i7-860 CPU.  (just because we like speed)
      • Our goal is getting the PCs with our required BIOS/CMOS Settings from the Manufactorer  (small integrator company) and it is only needed to insert the cables on our side and load the OS Image via LAN.
      • We initially choose also ATI PCI-E Graphic Card  HD4350  (1 GB RAM) because of the two DVI
      • PCs are for MS Office 2010 and Windows 7. The plan is to keep the PCs for 2-4 Years.


      1. Do you think the onboard graphic performance of Sandybridge Q67 with i7 (1155)  is equal than  Q57 with ATI 4350  Graphic Card? In my knowledge it is only needed to compare the GPU Clock Speed and Graphic Memory.

      2. We will try to get the PCs with  this BIOS Settings: 
        Boot Order (LAN First)
        BIOS Password

      3. Every PC will get a inventory-Nr. do you think it is totally nice to have the inventory-no. also in the BIOS?
      4. If we activate AMT/KVM Remote. Will it have the same IP Adress like the PC?
      5. Our requiremend to the Mainboards are - 2x DVI  and speed.  We don´t need eSata or Raid.