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    Intel D945GTP LAN problem




      I'm having issues on Intel D945GTP motherboard and its onboard ethernet device. I installed Windows XP with SP3 and then fetched the required drivers (lan, vga, chipset and audio). All went well and after installing drivers, Windows detects all devices and there are no exclamation marks on Windows Device Control.


      However, the Intel PRO/100 VE LAN device is not working at all. It doesn't connect and says just "cable unplugged" on tray or "Media disconnected" when typing "ipconfig" to command prompt. Changing the link speed in device properties (10/100M half, duplex) doens't have any impact. The hardware tests on device properties passes but the loopback test fails.


      I googled a lot and I found this:



      That explains quite well the situation that I'm experiencing at the moment. But I do not have separate card, so it is integrated LAN chip so I can't try the solutions that was suggested by the link.


      I also tried with Linux with debugging mode. It doesn't create eth0 device when listing ifconfig and also dmesg shows that IRQ20 is activated for the LAN but listing interrupts doesn't show it all. It also gives me this kind of error when in debug mode: "e100 cannot open interface, aborting". Then I found this to explain something:



      But of course the link above doesn't explain anything. Yeah, reinitialization fails, I know it already . So what might cause this adapter to fail? Everything seems to be ok on Windows, LAN card detected, drivers loaded, etc.. It just doesn't connect!