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    Full height bracket for dual port NIC




      We acquired four Pro/1000 MT dual port server adapters, planning to substitute full-height brackets for the low-profile brackets that came with the adapters.  However, locating those full-height brackets is proving to be quite a challenge!  Does anyone have any pointers on locating the full-height brackets for these NICs?  Again, the model is Pro/1000 MT, dual-port server adapter, # FW82546EB.


      Thanks for all direction!

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          The retail versions of those adapters ship from the factory with full-height adapters installed and low-profile brackets in the clear plastic clamshell. If you bought the adapters new, you might have purchased an OEM version that only had one bracket. The brackets are not available separately. I would advise contacting the seller about exchanging or returning the adapters, so you can buy adapters with the brackets you need.


          Mark H

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            I'm having the same problem inverted (i.e. I need low profile brackets and am sold full height ones). The seller is saying their suppliers say it's not possible to change them. I'm not really sure why there are all these difficulties to get the right brackets and why they are not sold separately. It's such a silly piece of equipment.