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    Error B8 smart: End to End Error Dectection




      I MEETS for 1 week an error B8 ... I formatted in safe mode, my hard drive is an Intel X25-M 80GB. I like to know how to remove this error message SMART ... My hard drive is faulty you it? If so how do we fix it? I put the latest firmware update, but I still SMART error ...


      Pierre in France

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          SMART values record history... I do not believe they can be "reset".

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            Ok thank you, I'll apply for RMA

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              It may not require a RMA....



              If you had a bad SATA cable, it might generate an error.  This does not mean the drive is bad even though the cable has been replaced and everything is fine now.

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                I have the same problem. I've been working with my SSD almost 2 weeks, I used Intel SSD Toolbox Optimizer every day and I have been awarded with unpleasant suprise.


                Here are the printscreens with my problem messeges (click it to enlarge):










                If it helps my SSD is 160GB X25-M SATA. I'm working on HP Z600 Workstation with 24GB of RAM and double E5540 onboard and I need performance to work efficiently. Now operating system stands on Seagate hard disk that was supposed to be a storage drive.




                Problem starts with freeze of OS. After restart Windows didn't get up. I have tried to reinstall it but it is impossible. Windows Seven doesn't wanted to install on Intels storage because S.M.A.R.T. system reports problems. Sata cable is OK. I have tried to plug Intel SSD in three different sata slots by two different cables - always the same result.




                I have tried to format it, to delete and mount partitions, updateing firmware. I have been scanned it with HD Tune Pro 4.60 and it doesn't show any bad sectors in Error Scan mode. I filled disk with zeros by this HD Tune Pro Tool still doesn't help with my case, I have tried the same with SpeedFan 4.43. What else can I do to?

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                  Thanks for nothing Intel,

                  keep it up, continue practice beta tests on end-users with zero help from your side. Cheers.

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                    This forum is not the place to contact Intel about the problems with your SSD.  You should check the warranty information for your country and contact them for help.

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                      First of all it is support forum, isn't it? It says "Support Community > Solid State Drives" on the top so cut the crap. This is not the only case.
                      I don't want contact, I want a solution of problem with firmware/hardware that Intel produces and sells untested to beta testers (customers). Check topics on this forum, this product is crap. Only assistance is some guy suggest everybody to check sata cable on the same problem at many same cases. I don't have time to send few times hdd I bought (unfortunately for the considerable money), with the same problem, and to get a product with the same problem. When I buy product with Intel brand on the package I want reliability, not some not stupid excuses.
                      If it's crap then Intel should withdraw it fix and redistribute corrected like in case of H67 and P67, now it's a lottery...
                      I wouldn't recommend Intel ssd to anybody.

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                        Simply put: this problem absolutely indicates your SSD is failing or has failed.  The SMART attribute in question (184) indicates that there is corruption occuring during LBA addressing, and could indicate a controller (NOT SATA CONTROLLER; I'm talking about the controller on the SSD itself) problem.  There is nothing you can do about this other than file for an RMA, and you should do that immediately.


                        Good luck.