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    cant find drivers to update


      hi everyone, how is it going? i was wondering if u could help me... i bought my lap more than a year and a half ago, but 6 months ago, while playing online games (not too demanding ones), the "display driver stopped and has recovered" ... i looked for support from HP, even repair center near me, but even after checking hardware/software, no solutions have been found.. :s ... im desperate now, so someone told me it still might be software, so i want to update my drivers again, but i have found using a driver update program, that my Intl ICH9 stuff drivers are old, but i cant seem to find them anywhere :s... the driver utility found here, does not show me anything about this drivers... and there are plenty of this "ICH9" related ones (like lpc controller, pci express root) which are old... could anyone help me find them so i can update them and see if it helps my problem? thanks in advance