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    Problems to install Windows 7


      Hi! I have a problem that somehow is connected to my X25-80Gb SSD-drive.


      Have built a PC on a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3 motherboard. Everything has worked fine until I got to the OS-installation.

      The intention was to install the OS on the SSD-drive. The installation works fine up until a certain stage where the intallation ALWAYS freezes.

      The PC just stalls, and NOTHING happens...

      I get to the point where the installation says "Completing installation"...and then...nothing....I 've waited over night just to make sure that nothing was going on in the background...but nothing.

      Once I replaced the SSD-drive with a disk-drive....then everything worked, so I sent the SSD-drive back.....the retailer tested it, and found that it worked fine, so I got it back....same problem still remains.


      What have i tried more?

      Disconnected all USB-equipment. Nothing

      Changed from IDE to AHCI in Bios, and back. Nothing

      Another DVD.Nothing


      To me there seems to be something that makes my motherboard refuse to install on the SSD-drive. Is there any specific settings that the MB may require?


      Anybody have any ideas? Do I need to buy another MB to get this working?


      Very greatful for any suggestions!


      BR from Sweden.