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    hard drive problems


      i have 2 1 terabyte raid hard drives using intels matrix storage system version 8.9 this is the third time in less than a year i've had a message that a hard drive has failed and i no longer have data redundancy. The first time dell replaced both hard drives the second time i had a soft ware guy look at it  he told me that the hard drives were fine it was the soft ware that was causing the problem.He said what's happened is a sector on one of the drives was corrupted and instead of the soft ware using the other drive to repair it as it should it simply shut the drive off and put up the error message that the drive had failed. I was reading on one of intels blogs that similar problems have happened with version 8.9 (random hard drive failures) but the newer rapid storage system 9.5 has not had these problems. Can i upgrade to this newer software? If so how do i do it. My computer is a dell studio xps with a core i7 870 processor with 2 1 terabyte raid security hard drives and an invidia geforce gtx 260 graphics card with windows 7 ultimate o/s. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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          simple answer went to intel.com downloaded the latest versin of rapid storage system version 10.1 when i loaded it it automatically uninstalled version 8.9 when the new version booted up it recognized the "failed drive" but gave me the option to turn it back on which i did  and it simply rebuilt the drive  guess the software guy was right nothing physically wrong with the drives  just that version 8.9 didn't give any options to turn the drive back on and let it rebuild