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    i7 2600s


      I would like to buy a 2600s processor, but I am unable to find any dealer who is selling them.  There is plenty of dealers who sell the 2600 and the 2600k.  Did Intel stop building these becasue of the series 6 chip problem?  I was planning on installing this processor in the dh67cl board when they start shipping again.  Does anyone have any information on the 2600s processor?


      I gave up and bought a 2600 processor.  I also bought the dh67 board with the revised chip set.

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          These processors (S Type and T Type), had been paper-launched on the 5th of January at CES 2011 but they have not materialized as of today to any actual Retail Parts. If you check the following link, you will notice that only Core i5 2400S is supported so far for your motherboard of interest (DH67CF), giving you and indication that probably the i7 is not ready yet for retail availability.



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            You are correct, but I think a month ago when I ran that same widget, the I 7 2600s was there.  The 2600s is still listed as one of the launched processors.  Thanks for the reply and the new term to me of "paper launch"--very cool.

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              I'm surprised as to why you can't find a Core i7 2600K CPU as there's so many retailers selling then (including online). The Sandy Bridge CPUs were not the ones that's been recalled. It's the Sandy Bridge motherboards with deffective Cougar Point chipsets that were recalled.


              You now can buy a revised Sandy Bridge motherboard rev3.0 with B3 stepping but in limited stock. I just purchased today an Asus Maximus IV Extreme motherboard I it costs me more than $400 (including 2 day shipping). The high end Sandy Bridge motherboard stock remains extremely limited which add to the frustration. Motherboard vendors also used the situation (limited stock) for their own gain (by increasing the price of the motherboard) at the expense of the end users.


              This Sandy Bridge fiasco turned out to be as costly to those who used it, not just Intel. It would take months before the flow of motherboards with fixed chipsets becomes normal. By then, another batch of Sandy Bridge core processors will come out (much faster). What a failure.

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                Yes, I can find all sorts of places which sell I7 2600Ks, but I want the S version.

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                  I am also looking for a 2500S or a 2600S (preferably the 2600S) but have only found a couple of "PRE-ORDER" sites which will be glad to hold your money for you indefinitely.

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                    +2  Anxiously awaiting the S version.  No leaks as to when it will be out?

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                      I got an OEM one from Austria, they had ~5-6 in stock.


                      Another shop said they were expecting retail boxes around the 1st April.

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                        Good to hear they are coming (hope the report is not an April Fool's Joke).


                        All of the my Sandy Bridge HTPC parts are available except for the OCZ Vertex 3 and the Intel 2600S.

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                          April 16th, and still no Intel 2600s chips on the store shelves !!!

                          Has Intel discontinued them ???

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                              HP is is offering the i7-2600s chip in in their slimline Pavillion s5780T series computers. Go to the hp website (www.hp.com) If you begin to customize the following model, you will see that cosumers have the ability to select the i7-2600s chip in the custom configuration.  This is the only retail computer manufacturer that is currently offering this chip, to the best of my knowledge.


                              Hope this helps,



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                                I consider this issue closed.