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    i7 950 not recognizing all RAM


      I have a 950 chipset and am was running 3x2GB of Corsair TR3X6G1600C8 mem on and ASUS Rampage III Forumla MB with Win7 64 bit.  I recently purchased another pack of the same memory however, I can only get 8GB to be recognized.  I had unistalled all the mem and reinstalled it, and it did show 12 GB, but when I shut down the system and restarted, it went back to the 8GB of RAM.  I have run MemTest and contacted ASUS support and it appears that all my mem sticks are in working order as well as the mem slots on my MB.  Has anyone heard of having bad contact of the CPU or just a bad CPU that could cause it to not detect all RAM in the system?  Is there a way to verify if it is the CPU without removing it and trying to clean and reseat it?  Or is it that I just have a bad CPU and need to contact warranty support about it?

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          Sometimes different versions of the same product codes (your example Corsair TR3X6G1600C8) carry different types chips. I believe that one thing you have to check regarding your RAM sticks is if they are all Double sided or Single sided sticks. Some times mix and match Double Sided with Single Sided ones has an negative effect on your total system count. You have to consult your MB's Manual for what memory configuration it supports.

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            I got it fixed finally.  After much messing around I finally realized that one stick bad so when I had that one in, it was messing up the system when I had all six RAM slots filled.  Not sure why it didn't mess it up as bad when I only had the three sticks in at first though.  Oh well, I RMA'ed the RAM and will hopefully when the new pack arrives everything will be good to go.  I checked, the MB supports that RAM, although I did love Intel Supports response that the i7 950 CPU won't support 1600 MHz RAM!

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              Received the new pack of RAM from the RMA about a two weeks ago.  Have been running solid at 12GB with no issues running it at 1066MHz.  Now I need to tweek the BIOS and see how it stands up when I run it at its actual speed of 1600MHz.  Hmmm... don't know why it changed my user name.  Oh well.