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    no bootable devices detected




      Brand new PC with freshly installed Linux.

      After installation PC won't boot with no bootable device detected error, however when pressing F10 and choosing the hd it boots fine.

      Any thoughts?


      Board: DH67BL

      BIOS: BLH6710.86A

      HD: Hitachi HDS723020BLA

      Boot priority: P0: Hitachi  HDS723020BLA

      OS: Ubuntu 10.04

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          Did you have the HDd as the first device in the boot order when you loaded the OS and did you have any other devices install (like a USB key fob?)


          I am not very good at Linux, but it has been my experance that it writes it boot sector information to the first device found (usb key) when loading the OS.

          If you later remove that device, these goes the boot sector. Reinstall it and it works again.


          Sorry, I am not good enought at Linux to tell you how to fix it short of reloading the OS again.

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            No, there are no other devices connected. HD is the first and only one in the boot order.