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    Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 Internet Connection Error


      I have recently bought a brand new HP Envy 14 Windows 7 x64 with intel centrino advanced-n 6200 wireless card. Right out of the box I have noticed that the internet connection will be working great and suddenly in the middle of high internet traffic (such as downloading large files, watching movies, playing games etc.) the connection will be lost and a yellow triangle will appear over the wireless icon in the system tray. When I troubleshoot the problem, Windows will reset the adapter and the internet connection will return to normal. It will also say "The default gateway is not available." as the error. This will happen repeatedly. I have tried uninstalling/updating the drivers with the latest on the Intel website (vrsn: with no avail. After researching this problem over the internet, there seems to be a relation to Windows 7 and driver issues with this occuring in multiple brands of computers. Does anyone know of any fixes to this problem?


      Thank you for your time and support.