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    MotherBoard DG35EC


      Hello Dears,


      Does DG35EC motherboard supports 64Bit OS, I m Planning to install VMware ESXi Sphere 4.1.


      Ur replies will be appreciated.



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          Whether a 64-bit O/S is supported depends primarily upon what processor you utilize with this motherboard. If you go here: http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=dg35ec, you can see the list of processors that are supported by this motherboard. If you click on the plus-sign ("+") to the left of your processor and then on the "SPEC#" link, it will take you to the web page that details the capabilities of this processor. If it says Yes for the "Intel® 64" technology, then 64-bit O/Ss are supported. If your processor does not have this capability, you can use this web page to identify upgrade paths that will get you there...


          One additional note: Some processors are only compatibile with specific revisions of this board. If you end up looking for an upgrade, you need to make sure that, if the processor you are looking at is supported by only certain revisions of the board, that the board you have is in the list of revisions supported. The revision number of your board can be found on a sticker on your board. This sticker contains both the board's serial number and its revision number. The sticker includes a bar code and the two numbers. The serial and revision number string will look something like this: "xxECxxxxxxxx AA xxxxxx-xxx", where the "xxECxxxxxxxx" portion is the serial number (the "EC" letters being specific to the DF35EC board) and the the "xxxxxx-xxx" portion is the revision number...