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    DQ45CB boot delay


      A few months ago, my system started taking 60 seconds from the Intel splash screen to the Windows startup screen.  This was just after I added a few more HDDs.  I have seen some other comments from other mobo users reporting a similar problem.  It appears they think the number of SATA drives is responsible due to time requirement for each HDD evaluation by BIOS before proceeding with boot.  Is this a common problem with Intel boards?  If so, am I stuck with this unless I unplug some drives? (I have 3 SATA HDDs, 1 IDE/SATA (converted) HDD, 1 SATA DVD, and 1 eSATA HDD.   In other words, every SATA port is in use.


      The board is designed for this population of SATA devices.  Is the BIOS unable to run a POST with a Quad core CPU any faster than this?