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    Mother Board hard drive controller failed.  Will adding an internal controller work?


      It appears that the drive controller on the mother board has failed.  I bought it 2 years ago and not sure of the waranty.

      I have a PCI Express x16 slot available.  Would adding a controller card in this slot enable my hard drive to boot?  Is there such a thing and if so, what would be the best type to use?








      My computer:


      Intel Core i7-920) quad-core desktop CPU optimized for the intel XX58 express chipset (2.66GHZ) (Core 45nm) (QPI 4.8GT/s) (Socket LGA 1366) (L3 Cache 8MB) (PCG 08) (Prod Code: BX80601920) (MM#: 900252) (FPO/Batch # 3841A453)

      Mother Board is Intel extreme series DX58SO

      Power Supply is Corsair TX750W

      Memory is 3 each 2GB Corsair

      2 hard drives - Seagate Barracuda 7200.11  750GB SATA

      the boot drive is plugged into SATA-0

      second hard drive is plugged into SATA-1

      CD/DVD is plugged into SATA-2

      Video adapter: Radeon HD 4870


      Operating system, if it matters, is Windows 7