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    S3420 Board with Matrix Raid 5 under windows 2003 cannot add more disks


      Hello everyone,


      I have a server based on the S3420 Board with Matrix Raid 5 configured with 3 1 TB disks under windows 2003. I was suggested that with 5 disks the server would work faster.


      As I see under help, just clicking on the RAID array with the RAID console I should be able to add more disks but this is not so. I can see the disks but it only allows me to create a new RAID 1 array with the 2 remaining disks or put any of the disks as backups for automatic rebuilding.


      How can I accomplish that ? Is there anything that limits in this configuration the possibility to get 5 disks under Raid 5 ?




      Jorge Alayon