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    RAID 0 behavior.  Is this normal?


      I just decided that I wanted to become a RAIDer.  I have six SATA drives and opted to convert four 1TB drives to RAID 0.  I have successfully done that, but ran into something unexpected.


      The Marvel setup in the BIOS (DX58SO motherboard) says I have four SATA drives for the one volume and the total size is 3,700 GB.

      However, when I first created a simple volume (via Computer Management), it made a 2048GB partition and a 1678GB partition.  I figured, OK, I'll have two partitions.


      I took the larger partition and succcessfully created a simple volume and formated it, but when I went to create a volume for the smaller partition, I found there are no options to create anything!  I'm seemingly left with 1678GB of unallocated space.


      Is this normal behavior?  Is the RAID setup actually using that space?  I have my doubts.  What can I do with that space?  I guess I assumed that I would have ended up with a 3.7TB RAID 0 volume.  Did I do something wrong?