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    maximum frequency for DDR3 memory when used with Intel® Core™ i7-960 processor


      Hello All,


      I am planning to buy a high end desktop and the whole purpose is to run VM's ( Hyper V, VM Ware etc )


      The configuration which is available in the market is as follows :-


      i7-960 Processor.


      DX58SO/ Intel H67 Chipset Board.


      RAM 4GB*4 (Corsair) -- 1333 MHz


      I  under stand that these 3 components are very crucial for a  system/desktop but little confused with speed/frequency for the  RAM/Mother board/Processor.


      Please find the specifications below. If all 3 components have different frequencies.....what will be the effective one.


      What is the overall impact on the performance of the system.




      • Six 240-pin                                                              DDR3 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets
      • Support for DDR3 1600+ /1333 /1066 MHz DIMMs
      • Support for up to 48 GBπ1 of system memory





      Memory Specifications
      Max Memory Size
      (dependent on memory type)
      24 GB
      Memory TypesDDR3-800/1066
      # of Memory Channels3
      Max Memory Bandwidth25.6