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    Intel 3 year warranty is a fairytale


      My 3 years warranty was denied whit no reason. I don't have to be a Professor of Electrical Engineering or a forensic expert to know that the reason why the motherboard burn out was  low life components.Afected Area.jpg

      You can see in the affected area of the motherboard a lot of dead burned resistors. When theresistance equals zero any motherboard will have a short circuit and burn out as result. If Intel does not cover short life components what they cover? Intel 3 year warranty must to be a fairytale (scam).


      My computer was behind an Outlet UPS that Guards against surges, spikes, sags, and brownouts and I have a really good Coolemaster case with one frontal fan, one in the left side, one in the back, plus the power supply fan. The burned resistors wasn't result of hot environment or any issue with the electricity. Intel RMA It's a nightmare.

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          It is too bad your photo did not get attached. I would have like to seen your board.


          Component burn out is not normally related to "low life" components.

          It is usually EOS (electrical over stress) which is normally caused (as you implied) by power spikes, voltage, temperature or a short circuit caused by loose pieces , screws, screw drivers, etc.


          What type board did you lose and what is the serial number?

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            Intel RMA Board.jpg

            Do you want another angle?


            ""Burned out resistors are often caused by the failure of some other component in a circuit causing an excess of current."  (google for it)


            Intel RMA board UPS.jpg

            My computer was behind an Outlet UPS that Guards against surges, spikes, sags, and brownouts.


            Never moved the motherboard from the good Coolemaster case I have  equiped with: Back: 120mm x 1 fan, Front: 120mm x 1 fan, Side: 120mm fan x 1, plus the power suply fan.



            My motherboard is a discontinued ( I wonder why, since intel has models way more arcaic in the market) DP45SG.


            AA Number: AA E27733-403

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              I am not familiar with this board, but that looks like a internal USB header in the center of the photo connected to the fried components?


              I can't say for certian from just a photo, but If this is a USB header, the 2 pins on the bottom are the USB power out to whatever device was connected.

              The traces in the picture look to run directly to the burnt components which would be consistant with an external USB device short circuiting causing the "excess of current" or cross circuiting back-powering the circuit and taking the mother board with it.

              This board revision was last built in March 2009

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                That's actually a firewire internal connection that I never used. I Don't use Firewire for nothing. Besides the mobo has an external firewire. Nothing related to firewire.
                From theTechnical Product Specification manual:
                "The Intel® Desktop Board DP45SG may contain design defects or errors.."
                I love Intel products, but this situation is very disappointing. I pay a decent amount of money for the motherboard and when the product fails Intel RMA dishonor the warranty.
                Order board.jpg
                I'm sure Intel works really hard to attend their costumers needs, but this disfuncional RMA is damaging their reputation.

                intel (1).jpg

                That is the kind of people I'm talking about:


                "Well UpDate to RMA Status I sent my board to Intel with a letter telling exactly what was wrong the board Bad connection Channel A Dimm O, And I get a Email back form the Experts at the RMA department Saying that the CPU Pins were bent and that they could not cover that under under warranty, NOW WE ALL KNOW that a LGA775 Does not have pins , So whats with these EXPERTS ???"

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                  About all I can recommend then is read the rest of Robert's posting from a year & a half ago were he esculated his issue, got a new board and is now one of the leading partiacants in this users forum.

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                    Dear Doc_SilverCreek


                    I'm not givin up. My case now is with Customer Service Manager but  in the meanwhile I will use this democratic space to debate.

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                      Hi gabemattos, I checked out the DP45SG Technical Product Spec document, and the connector in the photo is the IEEE 1394 Firewire header/connector, not a USB header, although they look very similar.  The USB headers location are along the bottom of the board and would be simple to identify them due to their layout.  Plus "1394" is written on the board.


                      This document states that the Firewire and the USB front and back panel connectors have overcurrent protection.  Which usually means they have fuses (non-replaceable) in the power rails. IMO, a blown fuse (actually a so-called fusible link) when "blown" or having the element burned through, would not cause the extensive burning that appears in the photo.  There are other components, which I cannot identify, that are clearly burned, those being above and to the right of the 1394 header.  It seems that the 1394 connector is not the source of the damage, but that is just my opinion.


                      If the failure of the fuse does cause such damage to other components, that's not much of a safety feature, seemingly taking out the board itself?  The area of burning is not very localized, relatively speaking, and appears to involve multiple components.  But that's just conjecture of an arm chair technician.


                      They gave you no reason for the RMA refusal?  I wouldn't be very happy with that.  Good luck with the CSM.

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                        The RMA member didn't point any especific reason, his reply was realy vague:
                        "Thank you once more for contacting Intel Technical Support.
                        We have reviewed the pictures that you sent, and regret to inform you that your Intel(R) Desktop Board DP45SG does not qualify for our 3-year Limited Warranty.
                        We apologize for the inconvenience.
                        For more information, please refer to the following website:
                        My mobo was immaculate in my case. I spent over 1200,00 to built that system and I put a lot attention to the way it was cooled. I even bought a LCD Thermal Controller just to make sure.
                        Order tag lcd termal.jpg



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                          Here are some components which you cannot identify by the picture.


                          Intel RMA Board.jpg


                          1- 24.576mhz oscillator (fried)


                          2- CH89 SS14 (fried)


                          3- ? (fried)

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                            I did some research on this board, and it sure seemed to have more than the typical amount of customer problems.


                            The way the burn and carbon deposits on the board is interesting, since when the board is mounted in a case, the orientation of the components is not vertical as it appears in your pictures, they would be horizontal.  So smoke and debris from a failed part that would usually move upward is not what we are seeing, it appears the entire area just above the "LSI" chip is burned.  Then again, it is difficult to predict which way debris will be expelled from a component that is failing drastically.  Ya know, I can see some indication of debris moving upward from parts 2 and 3, as labeled in your photo.  But this isn't helping, it's a major localized component failure.  One post I read about this board claimed the 1394 connection did not function at all, and you said you never used it, which makes sense since that interface is not popular at all.


                            If you get to the point where you are shipping it back to Intel, it is extremely important that you return every last bit that came with it, including the plastic CPU socket cover, and any covers that may have been on the boards power connectors.  Otherwise, they usually refuse the RMA, according to what I've read.