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    Need help merging raid onto a single disk.


      Hello all, I am repairing a DVR system from 2005. Recently the entire system crashed except for the hard drives which are on their way out. The hard drives however contain all the drivers and software I need for the DVR system to work. The Hard drives are in a raid configuration that was built in an 925XE chipset. Can I transfer the Hard drives onto an H67 motherboard?

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          H67 chipset supports RAID.

          The RAID software (Rapid Storage Technology) will support RAID volumes that were created on older software versions (Intel Matrix Storage Manager software)


          Assuming you are using SATA disks, the H67 system has BIOS Setting to RAID mode and you are not trying to boot from these disks on the new chipset, then you should be able to access the data on the H67 platform.