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    i7 2600 compatibility issue?



      I have two identical PCs on Core i7 2600 (GA-H67M-UD2H rev1.0 / i7 2600 / OCZ Platinum 4x2GB 1333MHz / Win7 64bit) and both giving same problems. When working in Windows I get blue screens with information about MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error. Sometimes it's after few hours, sometimes at the beginning of work.

      I've checked everything, motherboard should be compatible with this processor (at least with new bios (F5) which I have), RAM is on qualified vendor list.


      Another thing with those 2 computers is that when starting cold (i.e. in the morning), memtest shows errors in test#5. But it's only on cold start, later everything is ok. I've excluded RAM, same thing happened with: OCZ Platinum 4x2GB 1333MHz, OCZ Titanium 4x2GB 1600MHz, Corsair XMS3 4x2GB 1600MHz.


      Someone suggested that problem might be with memory controller in both processors. Is it possible?

      Any ideas would be helpful.