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    Intel 82577LC on HP 6550b


      I purchased a HP Notebook Type 6550b with an Intel 82577LC NIC on board. It works fine with Windows 7.


      But I have to run a second OS in this machine.

      Unfortunately there is no driver support for Windows Server 2008R2, which I have to use because of the HyperV functionality.


      Is there a chance that Intel will supply a Windows Server driver in the future?

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          Unfortunately, the Intel(R) 82577LC Gigabit Network Connection was not designed to include support for Microsoft Windows Server* operating systems. We have no plans to qualify a driver for that device for any version of Windows Server.*


          The release notes list devices that are not supported in Windows Server* operating systems. 


          Mark H

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            Any workaround for this?


            I'm dependent on running a server os on my computer to show SQL Tools in conjunction with Sharepoint.

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              Hi, I have exactly the same issue. I've bought the 6550b to use as a portable lab computer (Srv2008r2) and I cannot find a driver for the 82577LC.


              This is a major problem for me. Intel equipment has been really good to me over the years, Please don't let us down now.


              Thanks for any help you can give.



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                Could log in on my old account. Even resetting the password didn't work, so I now look a bit different.


                I just wanted to share some good news with anyone who is looking for help. After more hunting I grew desperate (I was about to send the laptop back...) and as a last ditch effort I installed the 82578DC Drivers. Everything started working (yay!) and I've not had any problems for weeks. They are also signed drivers which is nice.


                The original installer doesn't work because the hardware is different, so I've zipped up just the driver files required.


                To install -


                - Select the Device and Update the Driver in Device Manager

                - Select Browse for a Driver

                - Select Have disk

                - Browse to the Win32 or Winx64 folder depending on your O/S

                - I then opened the NDIS62 folder and selected an .inf file.


                This should give you a list of devices. Scroll down and select Intel 82578DC.


                - Accept the hardware is different warning and you should be away.


                It runs perfectly on Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V clients. A great solution for demo-ing to clients.


                For any other lost souls, here are the drivers I used - https://rapidshare.com/files/460515548/Intel_82578DC.zip



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                  Hi Andy,

                  thanks for hunting!! I hope you did not waste too much time on this.

                  The nic really works with this driver under WinSRV 2008R2. This helps me a lot, now I can demo my tools!!!


                  Stephan Adolphi

                  SQL Perform Deutschland GmbH