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    Cannot Find Server or DNS Error

      I am look for some help with an error I am getting on my Dell Laptop with Intel Core2 Duo.  I use my computer from home connecting to a wireless connection without trouble, then yesterday and today I have not had any luck.  I get the "Cannot Find Server or DNS Error and can't fifure out why.  I have checked my connections, they all show "connected" I am getting frustrated.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

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          Javed Lodhi


          Hi Guest,



          "Cannot find server or DNS error" has nothing to do with your Core2Duo processor just in case you might think however let us help you with this. There are 3 possible scenarios however I hardly think 3rd one might be your case but just check;


          1. In case your wireless router/access point is running DHCP server (it leases an IP address to your computer), the DHCP is not leasing out an IP to your computer

          2. In case your wireless router/access point is running in a bridge mode, the IP address, gateway and DNS address is being assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). In this case, it is a problem with you ISP, call them up and tell them that the following problem is encountered.

          3. In case you have manually assigned an IP, gateway and DNS address to your wireless connection i.e. wireless ethernet adapter, check your settings.


          Check out the following cases and either of them could be the case. Hope this helps, let us know in case you encounter any further problems.






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