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    Dx58So LAN Bios




      I have a dx58so with a I7-920


      I recently got some problems with my networkcard:

      in all Games/movies etc. i got some times a 2 sec lag and then its going normal. this happens about 2 times in one minute.


      Tried solutions:

      New PCI-E Networkcard --> first it didnt work but after 2-3 days it worked


      bios Update --> doesnt work, i get the error message: CMOS chechsum is wrong

      I have the Bios version 5309 and wanted to update to 5529, could it be that i have to upgrade the bios stepp by stepp?




      Or does anybody else have this problems or have a solution?


      where do i find the update history or updates that the bios weill make so i can check if the bios is really nessesary