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    DX58SO not recognize 16 GB of memory


      Dear Friends


      I bought an Intel motherboard DX58SO, and 4 memories ddr3 of 4 GB each, Kingston,KVR1333D3N9/4G model.


      (ddr3 Kingston 1333 mhz, 1,5 V) and a microprocessor Intel I7-930.


      I have a problem with the memories.


      When you put three memories on the blues three channels of memory, working memory and the computer recognizes 12 GB.


      But when I add the memory 4 in black channel, the computer turns on and begins to make 3 sounds followed by silence, continuously.


      I'm beginning to change the memories and occurs with any combination of memories that have as a memory component in black channel, the computer does not work and begins with the beeps.


      When I put the memories into the blues channels, all work.


      I have updated the bios to the latest version (BIOS Update [SOX5810J.86A]


      I can not think more to do.


      I ask you please help me, because I want to work the 16 gb of memory.


      If someone got the solution, please write it on this one.


      Best regards.