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    DX58SO2 issue with Patriot PX7312G2000ELK memory


      Two things I'd like to get feedback on, or at least share w/ the community as issues:



      Fresh built, Intel i7 950, Intel DX58SO2, Patriot DDR316000 12GB, Win7 64b.


      1. I purchased this XMP "compliant" memory in hope to be able to run them at their 2Mhz point... They run fine at the default 7-7-7-20 x133 profile (1Mhz). When the BIOS auto XMP profile is selected, (9-11-9-27 x143), there is a BIOS error, they don't run. I take multiplier down to x133. It starts to boot up Win7, but get a BSoD mid-way. Patriot has indicated this seems to be a limitation/issue with the Intel mobo... not sure whether to believe.

      2. All of a sudden, after a couple of days working fine at the safe 1Mhz set-up, I turn it back on, and get a post error "1C" that could not get rid of no matter what I tried. Until I took out all three memory sticks. After several tries w/ the different modules, I'm led to believe this is due to 1 stick having an issue. Now I'm working w/ only two on (8GB), but fine otherwise (knock on wood). I've asked Patriot for an RMA for the 1 stinky stick.


      Any similar experiences? Specially on #1. How do I efficiently (w/o spending countless hour of trial and error) determine what's a reasonable speed to run this memory at? I'd have thought there are certain tables guiding the way. It's been a few years since my previous built (a D45) and there are just too many parameters to mess up with...