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    VT-d? Please help!


      First and foremost, please forgive the possible ignorance of my question...


      I am in the process of building a new PC. I would like to also load Apple's OS so I can run their Aperture photo editing software (along with Parallels). As I will definitely be using one of the new Sandy Bridge CPUs, I am wondering about the fact that if the 15-2500K and i7-2600K does not offer the VT-d (which allows one to "run multiple operating systems and applications through independent partitions") should I consider one of the other "flavors" of the i5 and i7?


      Or, if I install either a "K" model can I still use Apple's OS and Win 7 on the same machine? Should I even worry about this and just install both OS'es and take my chances (hey, Apple's OS is a paltry $28). Does the VT-d apply to servers/networks or just single PCs?


      I appreciate ANY feedback and advice as I am planning on getting a new 1155 motherboard (now that they are starting to ship) soon and any feedback here will help me choose the CPU!


      MANY thanks,


      Mark Wagner