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    Aero crashing on Q965/Q963 64bit Win7 Enterprise


      Dear all,


      I have a Dell Optiplex desktop that has a intel GMA Q965/Q963 graphics driver. The computer has 2G of RAM, and is connected to a dell TFT monitor running at a 2048x1152 resolution.


      When I first login, the desktop loads using the Aero theme. However, whenever I maximize a window, Aero crashes, and does not restart until I log out and back in again.


      I recently upgraded to the latest version of the driver ( from this webpage:




      However, the Aero crash after maximize still persists.


      In the Windows Experience Index, my computer scores a 3.3 (see report below).


      It seems to me that the Intel drivers have a bug that is not playing nicely with the Windows Aero code. I have read similar reports of people with this problem, although mostly with two monitors.


      Has anyone else had such a problem? Is there a solution? Does Intel plan to upgrade the drivers for this graphics chipset in order to make it compatible with Windows 7?







      Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4400 @ 2.00GHz 5,0
      Memory (RAM) 2,00 GB 5,0
      Graphics Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family 3,5
      Gaming graphics 256 MB Total available graphics memory 3,3
      Primary hard disk 17GB Free (74GB Total) 5,8
      Windows 7 Enterprise
      3,3  Determined by lowest subscore
        Manufacturer Dell Inc. 
        Model OptiPlex 745 
        Total amount of system memory 2,00 GB RAM
        System type 64-bit operating system
        Number of processor cores 2
        Total size of hard disk(s) 149 GB
        Disk partition (C:) 17 GB Free (75 GB Total)
        Disk partition (D:) 68 GB Free (74 GB Total)
        Media drive (E:) CD/DVD
        Display adapter type Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family
        Total available graphics memory 256 MB
              Dedicated graphics memory 0 MB
              Dedicated system memory 64 MB
              Shared system memory 192 MB
        Display adapter driver version
        Primary monitor resolution 2048x1152
        DirectX version DirectX 9.0 or better