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    TPM on S5500WB



      I would to know if SR1695WB that has S5500WB board, has TPM. It seems that not all the board have it:



      If yes I would understand if TPM drivers are available on Linux environment further than Windows (on driver download page I found only Windows driver).


      Thank you



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          No S5500WB doesn't support TPM. TPM is only supported on S5520HCT, S5520URT (the last T means TPM support) and S5520SC.

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            S5500WB does not contain a TPM.


            These do however.


            Rack Server

            Intel® Server Board S5520URT


            Pedestal Server
            Intel® Server Board S5520HCT

            Moduler Server

            Intel® Compute Module MFS5520VI



            I am not a Lunux person, and believe that TPM is primarly a windows feature, but the last generation of TPM products, the Linux driver was embedded.


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              Thank you Doc and Edward.
              The problem is that we need a DC server and it seems that none of the server that support a TPM motherboard has a DC power supply.

              Thank you also about linux information unfortunately the S5000XVN is no more available.


              So..I think I havn't a solution..or do you know if it is possible put on the S5500WB board a third part TPM? I'm not an expert about TPM so I really don't know if is possible add an external component and if the board need to have specific features to support it...

              Obviously I don't find anything about in the supported hw list!


              Thank you



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                When TPM's first were released there were a few available as add in cards, but I don't know of any that are still made that way.

                (as a security feature, something removable or swapable between systems kind of defeats the purpose of a hardware encryption lock.)


                When you say you need a DC server. are you looking for something like a 48v DC input power? (common in Telco environment)


                There are a number of vendors who make this type of power supply in a standard SSI ATX form factor that would fit in most pedestal chassis although I don't know of any that have been tested with HCt or URt servers.

                I did a quick web search and found sitees with 48v supplies. http://www.powerstream.com/48-volt.htm

                The 48v input would then be converted to the standard SSI computer power supply outputs to run the mother board and peripherals.


                The WB system use 12v (& 5v Standby) which allows for some great power effecencies, but no TPM (or TXT) support.


                (If you want to buy enought of them, maybe your Intel sales rep can get it added?)

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                  Yes -48 V power supply.

                  Ok thank you to all, it's clear.