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    dual processor mobo and intel core 2 quads


      What is the processor number name type of Intel processors that will allow me to

      run two quad core processors on one motherboard.

      I'm looking for the least expensive option here..



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          Javed Lodhi


          Hi Guest,



          Basically you want to know ... "Which motherboard has dual sockets and are compatible with a quad-core processor?"



          Usually there are total 43 motherboards that support quad-core processors to date however in case you want dual socket motherboard, you would want to go for a server class motherboard. Though there are several motherboards in server class that come with dual socket quad-core support however you should go and look for their details in Intel Product Quick Reference Matrix Q2, 2008 and under the Intel Server Boards, look up its first 3 pages for dual socket quad-core supported motherboards that are:


          • S5400SF

          • S5000PSLR0MBR

          • S5000PSLSASR

          • S5000PSLSATAR

          • S5000XVNSASR

          • S5000XVNSATAR

          • S5000VSASATAR

          • S5000VSASCSIR

          • S5000VSA4DIMMR

          • S5000VSASASR

          • S5000PALR


          All these have dual socket and a support for multi-core Xeon processors that includes quad-core processor lest you are wondering Xeons, I must also mention that for a server you will be using Xeon processor here and since it's multi-core, it implies quad-core Xeon is included unless otherwise.






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          Javed Lodhi



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