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    DP35DP PCI Video with PCIe RAID


      I am using an Intel DP35DP motherboard as a server and would like to upgrade the RAID card from an Areca PCIe x1 to an HP P400 PCIe x8. I previously had a GeForce 6200 in the PCIe x16 slot and before I swapped it for a PCI Matrox card set the primary video device to External PCI. After the settings were saved I swapped the GeForce for the P400, yanked the old RAID card, and put the Matrox PCI card in the top slot. The first time I powered the system on everything worked as expected, BIOS screens et al, but after I loaded the OS and restarted the computer the display would not come back. It does not seem to be related to the OS I boot; it happens to Linux and Windows. If I put the GeForce back in it works and I can set the PCI card to primary for another one-time-use, but then I need to take out my RAID card. BIOS is up to date. Is this a BIOS problem or some sort of incompatibility? Please advise.


      P.S. The P400 works fine during the first boot-up, and I've tried replacing the Matrox PCI card with a GeForce 5200FX.

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          The problem seems to have been resolved by reducing the system memory from 4GB to 2GB. If there are any BIOS tweaks or updates to fix the problem, please let me know. I think it's funny how it works the first time, because if there is not enough address space I'd assume it wouldn't work the first time, either.