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    How to set v_sync off @ intel hd 3000? someone? ;)




      running windows7 on a macbook pro 13,3 i5 with intel hd 3000 graphics.

      To play the "oldschool" counterstrike 1.6 i need to turn v_sync off. if v_sync = on, you cant reach 100fps, what i really want to

      At all ohter graphiccards i had i turned them off at the driversettings, but in the newest intel hd graphic manager there are only 2 options:

      - Applicationcontrolled

      - ON


      Theres no way to turn it off, anyone got an idea? maybe registry or something tricky? At the game i cant set them off, i need to do it at the Driver.


      Hope my english is acceptable.


      Best regards