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    DG41WV board, No sound, Please help.


      I put together a system that includes: DG41WV board,  Core 2 Duo E8200, 2 GB DDR3, Windows 7 SP1,  and two 500 GB HDs. I have tried for days to get the sound going, but I'm at the point of giving up. I did a fresh Windows 7 (SP1) install and the microsoft driver installed perfectly (in device manager it looked ok), but no sound. In the "playback devices" or "sound" window it says: Speakers - Realtek High Definition Audio - Not plugged in, so, then, I installed the Audio Driver and software that comes in the CD included with the motherboard, and no luck, still no sound. Then, I open the Realtek Audio Manager and put a check mark in the "Disable front panel jack detection" box, and  then the Speakers Tab appears in the Realtek Audio Manager, but still no sound. I updated the BIOS to its latest and that didn't help. Inside the BIOS, audio is "enabled".  I also downloaded all the new drivers from Intel, installed them and still no sound. I also did a clean install of Windows 7 without the SP1, intalled drivers and still no sound. Before buying the DG41WV, I had bought a DG41CN, which had the exact same problem, so I returned it and bought the DG41WV, and this one also is having the same problem. I have tried everything possible, I don't think there's anything wrong with the motherboard, I think it's the software. I will greatly appreciate it if someone out there could give me some advice to what I should do next. Also, I'm wondering if this is a problem that intel doesn't want to tackle, for I chatted with them (they couldn't solve it then) and they told me they would contact me through emails and I haven't heard a word from them ever since. Oh, before I forget, in the "Playback devices" it shows that the "Speakers" are "Ready" and there's movement in the sound bar, so I know the song is playing but still no sound comes out of the speakers. Also, I have tried different sets of speakers and still no luck.

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          DG41WV board, No sound, Please help.


          Same for me, I have changed DG41WV boards 3 times (all new boards), 1st board not worked sound from bigining, then the computer shop technician changed the 2nd DG41WV board it worked front panel audio only for 1day again the peoples changed the 3rd DG41WV board it worked around 15days after that no sound at all.

          In my computer all functions works very well my system is Core2DUO E7500, 2.93 GHz, 4Gb Ram and 1 Gb Graphics card installed Windows 7 32bit OS 1gb

          For me too in the "Playback devices" it shows that the "Speakers" are "Ready" and there's movement in the sound bar. I have tried different sets of speakers settings but not working.

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            Dear Sir/Madam,

                                     I have Intel's DG41WV Mother Board and installed all the drivers from the Board's patent CD but my sound didn't work and I'm unable to hear any sound throughout my speakers as well as the sound driver is properly intalled.

            Please provide me solution on immediate basis.

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              I hate to say it, but you'll have to have it replaced, this is a factory defect and quite a few people have had this problem. There's nothing you can do to fix this problem, it's a motherboard defect. I chatted with an intel representative and he told me I needed to have the mother board replaced. I went back where I bought it, and had them replace it while I was there, this way I would make sure that when I left the shop my computer would be working properly. The guy that replaced it and installed for me said that many other people had had the same issue. Now it's working perfectly, but it sure was a hassle to have to go back and have them do it for me. Please, don't waste your time trying to get your motherboard to work properly, it won't, I also tried a million things before I realized I wasn't getting anywhere with it. Replace it, that's my advise.

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                In Windows 7 the sound configuration is something that looks like below.


                If the Speakers are set to Raeltek Digital output (Optical or HDMI) there will not be any sound unless you have an AV receiver or an High definition TV or something.


                Set Mixer to Device > Speakers > Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio).


                If this is not working, buy and install one PCI sound card. They are cheaper these days, and comes in a variety of 2 channel 4, and 6 channel configuration.


                Hopes are high.