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    Intel SASMF8I SAS RAID Controller BIOS


      I can't seem to find where I can enter the controller BIOS, besides CTRL-E. I can enter that option and create and build my RAID's just fine. What I can't do is find the "CTRL-G" or "CTRL-Y" options in order to enable the RAID BIOS and resolve the booting issue, as described in the following Intel article: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-031819.htm


      There is a "BIOS Enabled" option under the CTRL-E menu (and it's on enabled) but problem still exists.

      Server board is a S5000VSA with on board SAS controller and software RAID disabled.

      I'm stuck, not being able to install Windows 2008r2 or Windows 2008. Is there something obvious I'm missing or does this feature not exist on this particular RAID controller?