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    DG45ID CPU Heat problems / CPU Cooler upgrade


      Hi Techno Wizards.  I am back to pick your brains again.  <sigh>  It seems my problems never end with this board.

      From day 1, the temperatures of my Q9300 CPU seemed high.  Currently 65°C, 58°C, 62°C, and 63°C.  According to Intel Desktop Utilities, the stock CPU Cooler Fan runs at around 300 rpm.  It revs up for a couple of seconds at start up, otherwise it stays around 300.

      Yesterday, the CPU Cooler Fan suddenly reved up to a high speed.  I was alerted to this by the fan noise only.  The sytem did not crash or reboot.  While trying to figure out what went wrong, I noticed that the CPU temperatures had each dropped about 15° C.  Dropped - that´s a good thing, right?  I expected to find that the machine had spiked to a very high temperature - a bad thing!  The Intel Desktop Utilies were not usable - as if corrupted.  I had to reinstall them.  I shut down the computer and restarted it.  The CPU Cooler Fan returned to its normal 300 rpm.

      So, I´m thinking maybe this CPU Cooler is about to crap out on me.  Maybe I should replace it before it dies???  And maybe I should invest a few extra dollars and install a better cooler???  I started to buy a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus today, but then I thought it would be better to run it past you guys first.  So here I am!

      Anyone have any ideas on what went wrong?

      Any opinions on the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus?  Or a better alternative?

      I really appreciate the help I receive here on the Intel Support Community.  Thank you guys for all your help.  Tchau, dac

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          What do you have the FAN settings , set to in the BIOS ??

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            The minimum fan speed for the stock cooler should be on the order of ~1000 RPMs. If it is running at ~300 RPM while system is idle, it sounds like something is preventing it from spinning at its proper minimum speed. This could be caused by dust, dirt, hair, etc. getting into the fan mechanism, something (cable, etc.) touching the fan blades (though you would likely hear this) or perhaps a bearing starting to seize in the fan. Regardless, it is likely on its way to a failure...


            Your "yesterday" situation sounds more like an Intel(R) Management Engine firmware error. If the firmware hangs because of an error, Intel(R) Quiet System Technology will respond by taking all fans to their highest speed to protect the system (since it cannot get any temperature readings with which to make its normal fan speed control decisions). While in this state, Intel(R) Desktop Utilities cannot get temperature, voltage or fan speed sensor information and will appear to be hung itself (since unable to communicate with the Intel(R) Management Engine). You probably did not need to reinstall it; all you needed to do was shutdown and reboot the system...

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              Hi Robert, thanks for helping out again!

              Fan settings......

                Processor Zone Response = Aggressive

                Processor Zone Damping = Normal

                Automatic Fan Detect = Disable

                Detect Missing Fans = Disable

              I hope these are what you aksed for - its all greek to me!  thanks

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                Hi `spearson´, thanks for your help.

                The CPU Fan speed has been 300 +- since I installed the mobo and the Intel Desktop Utilities IDU) - around 9 months.  Eveery time I start the computer this fan starts at a high speed - I don´t know what speed but it makes a lot of noise.  It seems capable of the higher speeds.

                Yesterday´s problem occurred again today.  A little different this time.

                Yesterday, when the fan went wild, I brought up the IDU and the first screen came up but was not populated with any data from my system (Processor, Board Model, BIOS, OS Version, etc.).  I got the standard Windows `not respponding´ message for the IDU.  I shut down my system and restarted.  When I brought up IDU after the reboot, it was still without data from my system and then I got the Windows not responding message again.  I did an uninstal and then re-installed IDU - all was working fine.

                Today, when the fan went wild, I brought up IDU, and the first screen was populated with my system data.  When I tried to go to the Hardware Monitor tab, I got the not reponding message again.  After a reboot, all was well again.

                Now, from what you wrote, I would assume that the fan was OK - just a symptom of another problem - Intel Management Engine firmware???

                Intel released a new BIOS update for this board last week - perhaps it would help to install that???


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                  kusamba,  I have a DG45ID mother board, and I am familiar with the surging fan speed phenomenon.  It is a known bug with the DG45ID, but the actual cause remains mysterious.  What it is caused by is understood, and there is a simple fix for it.


                  As strange as this may sound, the surging fan speed is caused by having C-State enabled in the BIOS.  Disabling C-State will end the fan surging.  Having C-State enabled also causes inductor noise in this board.  I have experienced both of these problems, and simply setting C-State to Disable will cure them both.  There is a many paged thread on this issue in the DG45ID board in the Intel forums.  I realize this fix sounds ridiculous, but let me assure you it works.  The root cause of these problems has never been identified.


                  Regarding your CPU cooler's speed; a speed of 300 RPM for that fan is very low for the stock heat sink, I'm surprised you are not seeing a warning about the low RPM.  As you have noticed, when you first start the PC, the CPU fan runs very fast, likely full speed, until the BIOS speed control starts.  My PC with the DG45ID does that too, I consider that normal.


                  If you are using the newest IDU software, as I am, I think there is a problem with it, as it acts strangely, at times it won't run and then at another it will run.  I have not tried the new BIOS you mentioned but I will check into that.  BTW, I do not use the ME software, I can't see any purpose for it.  Frankly I am a bit confused by your posts as to what some of your problems are, I will reread them again.

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                    These fan settings look fine to me, but just to be sure, you should have Processor Zone Damping on Normal and Processor Zone Response on Aggresive.  That's what you wrote and those settings are correct.


                    One thing you can try is this, go into the BIOS, and set Automatic Fan Detect to Enable.  I think this option only works for chassis fans, but it is worth a try to see if your CPU cooler fan will be re-detected, and work at it's correct speed, which seems to low to me now.  I would also check if the CPU fan is plugged in correctly, it should be a four pin plug going into a four pin connector, and the plug must be inserted in the correct side, there is a tab on the connector on the mother board that lines up with a groove in the fan plug, those must line up perfectly.


                    A question for you: In Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU), in Hardware Monitor, if you click on Processor, what does it say your Processor Thermal Margin is?


                    Also, I have found that when using IDU, if you run another hardware monitoring tool such as whatever you use to check the CPU core temperatures, IDU becomes confused and does not work correctly.  That can happen when mulitple monitoring programs are running.  Just run IDU by itself and let us know what your Processor Thermal Margin is.


                    I have a Q8300 CPU in my DG45ID, and use a Cooler Master Gemini II CPU cooler.  I have Enhanced Intel Speed Step (EIST) enabled in the BIOS (do you, you should to keep your CPU cooler) and C-State disabled.  At idle or light use, my Processor Thermal Margin is 65C or 149 F.  Also, I have always seen odd CPU temperature readings when using non-Intel hardware monitoring programs, so for now why don't you just use IDU until we can figure your issue out.


                    Finally, I did the BIOS update to 135, and it may have made IDU run a bit better but I've only had it running for an hour.  I recommended downloading the

                    IDG4510H.86A.0135.EB.EXE BIOS updating program, you simply run it in Windows, click a few things, and it works automatically and works great, very simple and I had no problems at all.  Just go to the page below, enter your OS and find the BIOS update, it should be the first file in the list:


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                      Hi parsec, thanks for helping me again....

                      Today , there were no problems as in previous days (running Core Temp and Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU)).

                      Per your post, I shut down the computer and entered BIOS setup and made the following changes....

                         Disabled C-State

                         Set Auto Fan Detect to Enable

                           saved the chages and the computer booted normally.

                      CPU fan continued at 305+- RPMs.  I  am wondering why it doesn´t speed up slightly as the CPU temperature increases???  One of my problems is that a SVCHOST.EXE process often runs and takes 25% of the available CPU cycles.  This raises the CPU temperature about 15°C.  But the CPU fan stays at 305+- RPMs.  That does not seem right.  By the way, this is why I like to have CoreTemp running - when I notice the temperature is up, I bring up the task manager and check for this SVCHOST process - if one is running and taking 25% of the CPU, I simply hit `end process´.  I have no idea what causes this problem.

                      Processor Thermal Margin usually runs 38-42°C.  Of course it goes down as the CPU temp rises.

                      I exited from CoreTemp.  Margin did not change.

                      I did not remember your comment about enabling Enhanced Intel Speed Step (EIST) - I´ll check/change that tomorrow.  I´ll also check the wiring on the fan then.  And install an extra chassis fan.

                      Also, I used Artic Thermal goop when installing the CPU cooler (months ago)

                      And finally, I did the BIOS update to 135.  This installed withut incident - nothing different noted so far.

                      Now I am still wondering should I replace that CPU Cooler.  I´m in Brasil so it will take me some time to get it down here.

                      It´s Carnaval time here in Rio de Janeiro - time to get out there amongst them!  11 p.m. - 4 a.m. being the prime party hours!  Of course for the younger crowd, all hours are prime hours from last Friday until tomorrow night at midnight when Lent begins.  Thanks again!

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                        OMGawd man, get out there now!  Fooling with the PC is not worth missing that!  It sure is boring here in the US, sigh...

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                          You just need another snow storm so you can go make snow angels !

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                            Well Har-dee Har Har Har, Doc!   Actually, not a bad idea, at least it would cool me off... 

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                              No new roblems but here´s an  update on what I have done today, Tuesday .....

                                 Checked BIOS for Enhanced Intel Speed Step - It was already set to ENABLE

                                Tried to install another fan to blow on the CPU - don´t see where I can attached it easily - will try another day with bailing wire and chewing gum.  Already there are two chassis fans in addition to the CPU Cooler fan.

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                                I think ~ 300 RPMs is definitely too slow for a genuine Intel CPU Fan (at least with my E8500 one which runs at ~ 1100 RPMs). I suspect your fan has developed a fault so maybe you can get a replacement under warranty?

                                FWIW I've just updated to the latest BIOS revision 135 yesterday and it seems to have resolved the other problems associated with the DG45ID reported in this thread (with C States at its default enabled setting). Let us know how the replacement fan goes.


                                [EDIT: Alas the new BIOS does NOT fix the problems evident with C-States enabled after all - it just took a little longer for the problem to crop up this time ]

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                                  The 300 RPM seems too slow but the original paste did perform better for me with a Q8300 (600 vs 1100).  A percentage of fans or the supplier at the time can make a difference.  The only surging system I notice at this time has a 600 RPM low-profile Rosewill fan.  It can be difficult to maintain such slow speeds and rises to 800,1100 or more shouldn't really be a concern but it is a noticeable change.   Graphics card fans probably run so much louder due to the large changes in thermal challenge (disclaimer - I have only had passive cooling).

                                  The only SVCHost issue I encounter is when multitasking.  Since I have assumed this is for important background processes I take more care and multitask only when really usefull.