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    I'm hooked on mobile technology - what about you?


      I recently read this interesting article from Dan Ortega at Sybase on the top 10 reasons to mobilize.



      I completely agree that mobile workforce is a productive workforce.  Personally, I can’t imagine not using a laptop to get my job done.  I remember the days of sitting at a desk with my desktop PC and leaving it behind when I attended meetings, went to other office locations, or traveled for business.  Fortunately, those days are long gone.  With my laptop and my hand-held device, I can send and answer email, schedule and attend meetings, and basically do my job from anywhere.


      Fortunately, Intel IT provides us with mobile business PCs that enables us to be productive wherever we are.  Check out our paper   http://www.intel.com/en_US/Assets/PDF/whitepaper/wp_IT_Productivity_MobilePCs.pdf.  


      How has mobile technology changed how you work?  Could you go back to not having it?