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    Need help & advice because image editing is Sloooooow


      I have a new Dell xps 8300, Intel i7 2600 with 8GB RAM running windows 7, 64-bit. Graphics is ATI Radeon 5700 series.

      Rendering images in Paint Shop Pro is terribly slow!  Much worse than my old Pentium 4.

      I need help and advice on how to improve graphics performance, i.e. image editing (watching movies, etc. is no problem.)

      If I need a better graphics card, okay. Let me know what and how.

      If there is something that needs to be adjusted with teh system as it is, let me know that.

      It is taking several seconds to save a 4 or 5 layer file.  It's very slow for rendering opacity in any layer.

      It's awful!

      Thank you.