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    New 510 250GB SSD... Updates?


      just picked up the intel 510 SSD (250GB) looking to see what i need to do to get running


      is there any new firmware out for it, etc that wouldn't come on the drive?


      this is my first Intel SSD.. last one I had was OCZ and their forum had a list of tweaks/ options for windows to mess with to speed things up a bit... does the Intel community have the same offering?


      Any input on defect rates? Its the only reason why I'm switching brands (too many dieing ssd from ocz)

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          It ships with the latest firmware.  Install the Intel SSD Toolbox and it will perform the recommended tweaks for you.


          As for failure rates, companies do not make these numbers public.


          However, have a look here: http://communities.intel.com/thread/20014?tstart=0

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            DuckieHo, you the same guy registered on OCN and EVGA forums? Damn I see u everywhere lol (aka XFreeRollerX)


            I saw the return rates with Intel having the lowest of them... pretty interesting, but is this just SSD or is it their CPU/Mobos too? it just says "PC component return rates"... I would think return rates on processors are very low, somewhat skewing this statistic if it is an encompassing statistic..


            the toolbox..what does it do if u dont mind my asking?



            also I dont see the 510 in the download center, would it be different for the 310?


            also; have a laugh at this



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              That's me!


              Read the whole article from BeHardware, it explains everything already.


              The SSD Toolbox allows you to view SMART values, clean the SSD, set the Window tweaks, and allow you to secure erase.


              All the SSD Toolbox are the same.  I already informed Intel that they are missing the link at the Download Center.

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                my ssd is only reading at 270avg and not the 400 it says on the box..why

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                  I got the same problem with speed, althoguh I installed my 510 series 250gb (into PCI-Ex16) a ASrock SATA3 card 6GB, it still don't get any speeds higher than if it was connected the drive to a SATA2 port, on my Asus Fomula II motherboard.

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                    Is there a utility to update the 510 series drives to the latest firmware which I believe in PWG4?

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                      Hi,anyone able yet to figure out why Intel ssd 510 250 gb is shown as "unconfigured" during booting ?


                      It is connected to serial ATA6 gb port1 on an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe revision3


                      Yet shows performance as 1,5Go only...is this normal ?


                      I have installed the toolbox,but its of no use whatever,cannot configuer anything with it,


                      and cannot download latest firmware,


                      in fact,Intel software support is so complicated and confusing,after downloading a mass of useless Intel nonsense,my ssd 510 is no faster or more responsive than an old generation HDD.


                      WTF gives ??????

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                        I also would like to know why we cannot download firmware PWG4, even though it seems to have been around since April.

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                          Just got a very helpful reply from Intel support:




                          Thank you for your email.


                          As mentioned in my previous correspondence, a new firmware has not yet been released; nevertheless this does not preclude our production line from manufacturing new products with  new firmware that will be released in the near future.


                          Kind regards



                          So, in short, they now changed their answer form "there is no" to "there is, you will not get it". Come on people, it's been released to production more than 3 months ago.

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                            carpland,  Your results with the 510 are strange.  I have an ASUS P67 mother board, and a 120GB 510, and it works great.  My 510 has the PPG4 firmware.  Here's one benchmark.




                            The unconfigured thing you mention is seen where?  In the EFI?  A message when the PC boots?


                            Do you have your 510 on the Intel SATA 6Gb/s port?  If you have it in the Marvell ports, that could explain your performance problems.  Other things to check is if you're in AHCI mode, which is the default mode for the Intel SATA interface on ASUS P67 boards.  What SATA driver are you using?  ASUS provides the Intel IRST driver, which will install fine in AHCI mode, or could be used set to RAID, but just as a single non-RAID set drive.  I would be surprised if the standard Windows msahci driver would perform so poorly.


                            What did you download from Intel besides the Toolbox that is so confusing and worthless?  Something is basically wrong with your setup it seems, new firmware will not solve your problem.  What is showing you poor performance?


                            The SSD Toolbox is not intended to configure a SSD, just to check it and keep it healthy.

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                              I have an ASUS P8P67 with 2600K CPU and Intel 120GB 510 SSD. I get the same atto test results as you, but the "controlled by" and description are blank. Also on bootup I get the message "no hard drive found"  BIOS is version 1502.



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                                tim,  The "No hard drive found" message you're seeing is from the Marvell 9120 SATA controller starting, and since you're not using it (I assume) you see the message about no hard drives.  That's normal, I get that too.  You can disable that controller in the UEFI and that screen won't display during boot.  I know it happens so quickly you can't read it very well, and your attention is drawn to that message, rather than the text at the top, which shows it's the Marvell controller.


                                The text in ATTO is just info that they allow you to enter yourself, so you can identify what drive was tested when you save the test results.  Start ATTO and click on those fields, you can enter whatever you like.  Sorry to worry you about that, I discovered this option by chance, and used it.


                                Good to know you get the same results as I did with the 510.


                                I wonder what happened to the other guy and his problems...

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                                  Thanks for the reply. I realized after that I could enter stuff into the blank space.

                                  I'll try disabling the Marvell controller in the bios, since I am using only the SSD and an HD on the other SATA 6 connector.


                                  Which brings a question - I'm not using RAID and the Intel Matrix Storage manager and Intel Raid/ICP Storport driver are auto loaded. Do I need to load these or would it make any difference either way ?





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                                    I'd be surprised if you still see the Marvell controller starting after you disable it.  All it was doing was warning you that no drives were attached, which you know, so it's not a problem.


                                    The Intel RAID/AHCI driver for our boards and others is called Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST), and the latest version of that is on the download pages, Version  That is the best driver for SSD performance, whether used in RAID or AHCI mode, either mode is fine.  I would keep that one if I were you, I certainly use it.  The Intel Matrix driver is older and provided for older chipsets and boards, but you might just be mixing up the names.  If you are using Matrix now, I would recommend using IRST from the ASUS download page for your board.


                                    I don't know what the ICP Storport driver is, unless you have an add-on card that uses it.  Any idea where that came from?  I don't see it in any of the drivers provided for your board by ASUS.

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