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    DX58SO board waits 3 minutes before booting to Windows.  Why?


      For two years now I have had to wait 3 minutes at the Intel bootup screen before the computer boots into Windows.  It should only sit there a few seconds.  There are no settings in the BIOS that I am aware of to turn off memory testing or any othe testing for that matter, This is very annoying.  Is there something I can do to fix this?


      It used to be far worse!  Until I applied a recent BIOS fix, my computer would first boot to a black screen and sit there for two minutes, until it reached the Intel bootup screen, where is sat, and still does, for three minutes!


      The BIOS fix got rid of the initial 2 minute black screen.  But I still have a three minute wait before it even attempts to boot Windows.

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