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    Windows Server 2003 on DP55WG: Any Unofficial Workarounds?




         We have a client who is trying to put his copy of Windows Server 2003 onto a desktop computer built around a DP55WG motherboard.  Two hard drives, intent is a Mirror array.


        I can set up the Array fine, boot to the OS disk, F6 for the RAID drivers, it detects the list of controllers, driver seems to load correctly, then it proceeds to the Welcome to Setup screen, to setup Windows now, press Enter, blah blah.


        System freezes and becomes unresponsive at this point.  Trying to load 64bit RAID drivers instead of 32 produces a "file is corrupt" error.  Not hitting F6 and letting the setup run results in a BSOD.  Breaking the RAID array and trying to boot single-drive produces a BSOD when SATA is configured as AHCI, and it locks up at the same setup screen when IDE is used instead.


      Any (UN)official solutions available, or is there nothing that can be done?