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    Has anyone else had RMA nightmares dealing with Intel?


      I RMA'd a MB and CPU  with a prepaid shipping label and now 2 weeks later am told they haven't recieved and have no way to track. UPS says that if a prepaid label was used then Intel corp would have the tacking number but Intel says they have no clue. I am pretty sure I will never use Intel pruducts again. It seems I am unable to speak to anyone who speaks understandable english and I feel am being given the run around on this. Is it any wonder that I won't be buying any more products from this company.  The phone support has been some of the worst I have ever dealt with. Yes I know this has been somewhat of a rambleing rant but at this point I am out a MB and dual core CPU and we all know Intel pructs are not cheap to buy just cheaply made it seems.

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          I'm at the same level of desapoitment. My 3 years warranty was denied whit no reason. I don't have to be a Professor of Electrical Engineering or a forensic expert to know that the reason for the motherboard burn out was because low life components.Afected Area.jpg

          You can see in the affected area of the motherboard a lot of dead burned resistors. When theresistance equals zero any motherboard will have a short circuit and burn out as result. If Intel does not cover dead components what they cover? Intel 3 year warranty must to be a fairytale (scam).


          My computer was behind an Outlet UPS that Guards against surges, spikes, sags, and brownouts and I have a really good Coolemaster case with one frontal fan, one in the left side, one in the back, plus the power supply fan. The burned resistors wasn't result of hot environment or any issue with the electricity. Intel RMA It's a nightmare.

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            That is ridiculos:


            "Well UpDate to RMA Status I sent my board to Intel with a letter telling exactly what was wrong the board Bad connection Channel A Dimm O, And I get a Email back form the Experts at the RMA department Saying that the CPU Pins were bent and that they could not cover that under under warranty, NOW WE ALL KNOW that a LGA775 Does not have pins , So whats with these EXPERTS ???"

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              Just an update. I did get board and cpu RMA'd finally after lots of phone calls. They sent me a prepaid sticker to send back which I did thru UPS and now am getting emails because they haven't received old ones back. I used thier label and sent way they wanted and now find out they don't have tracking number. UPS says intel would have intel says UPS should and at this point no one knows where it is. So now I'm not sure what will happen. PLease remind me to use any motherboard and AMD cpu from now on. LOL

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                I'm currently going through my own nightmare...




                I just got a generic email this morning reiterating the warranty to me. I know what the warranty is. Hey Intel, of course it's damaged - it's damaged because I received a defective product. I've had all my computer parts checked out by non-intel tech support and all agreed that a burnout like that could have only occurred as a result of a defective CPU. Intel's warranty does not cover damages/burn by external causes - so this completely glazes over any problems with the cpu that may cause damage. I find this worrisome, if not hazardous.


                So much for any of i7's safety features. This thing didn't even last 15 minutes. It showed signs of being defective before it burned out. Never even got a single POST beep. Unbelievable. Just completely dismissed by customer support, told no matter what I do I'll be denied help, sent off to some faceless email address... And they make it impossible to talk to anyone who will listen. I'm so frustrated with this - it's like throwing over $300 in the trash. I've worked in customer support for years and there has ALWAYS been a time when something happens which is given exception to a warranty.