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    BeHardware: SSD Return Rates


      BeHardware generated numbers for PC component return rates.  Note that these numbers are only from a single French retailer.



      For the first time, we are including SSDs in our returns rates. Here are the figures by manufacturer:

      - Intel 0.59%
      - Corsair 2.17%
      - Crucial 2.25%
      - Kingston 2.39%
      - OCZ 2.93%

      Intel stands out here with a very good rate indeed. Among the few models for which over a 100 models were sold, none has a returns rate of over 5%.

      The returns rates given concern the products sold between October 1st 2009 and April 1st 2010 for returns made before October 2010, namely after between 6 months and a year of use. The statistics by manufacturer are based on a minimum sample of 500 sales, those by model on a minimum sample of 100 sales.

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          Thanks for that Duckie, I've seen that series of articles by behardware in the past, which is unique as far as I know.  The article is very interesting and well worth checking out.  I am surprised to see that the product with the highest return rates is one of the relatively simpler ones, power supplies.  Also some of the big names in that category have rather high return rates (1 in 10.)


          The SSD return rates are interesting IMO, since all manufactures use many of the same parts in them, as there are not many manufactures of NAND chips for SSDs, for example.

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            Yup, BeHardware provides some unique articles (i.e. isolated GPU power consumption).



            What would be nice to know is the cause of return.... product failure/defect or user error/remorse.  It would be really cool to data mine Newegg's RMA database.


            With SSDs, I suspect the primary cause of failure is firmware related and not the hardware itself.

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              A lot of OCZ RMA's are also direct with OCZ, so the failure rates are most likely a lot higher.

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                Even in Europe?


                From my understand, most US-based companies have European customers go through the retailer for RMAs.

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                  I’m in the UK and have RMA’d direct with OCZ.  They seem to prefer dealing directly with RMA's rather letting you do it via the retailer.

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                    You said it Duckie, I'd love to see the stats from Newegg, simply due to the volume of merchandise they sell.  There are so many factors involved in "RMA rate", including the retailer's policy.


                    Attempting to draw meaningful conclusions from raw RMA data is likely to be difficult, as the complexity of the product's use adds to the rate of "failure", IMO.  Consider PC cases compared to DRAM modules or mother boards.  Which of those are more difficult for an inexperienced person to deal with?  I wonder what fraction of "defective" DRAM is truly non-functional.